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"Classical, Christian education teaches students to think well, to speak well, to write well, and to discern what is true, good, and beautiful, all while cultivating their knowledge and devotion to God through Christ." -Anonymous

Our Academics

Students in our PreSchool program benefit from a play based curriculum. They participate in activities that help them to grow academically, physically, socially and spiritually. Our class sizes are kept small so that students benefit from 1 on 1 interactions from their teachers.  Students in our PreSchool program will be well prepared to enter elementary school!


Students in kindergarten through Grade 5  will utilize the Classocal Christian curriculum from Memoria Press.  Memoria Press provides a comprehensive curriculum that  gives our students a well rounded education. The subjects include:



■Language Arts 

■ Science 


■Spanish(Grades K and up)




■Classical Studies (3rd grade and up)

*In music class, students listen to classical music pieces as well as learn to sing popular hymns.

**In art class, students focus on learning about art pieces as they correlate with the Christian faith. 

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