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What time does school start &end?

School starts for Grades PreSchool- Kindergarten students at 8:00am. Grades Kindergarten- Grade 2 students at 8:05 am. Grades 3 - 5 students 8:10am School ends for PreSchool- PreK students at 2:35pm. Kindergarten- Grade 2 students at 2:45pm Grades 3-5 Students at 2:55pm We do provide before and after care services.

Can I schedule a school visit?

Yes, we'd live to have you come visit us. Please schedule an appointment by emailing us at 

What if my child gets sick or hurt?

All of our staff members are certified in CPR/AED & First Aid. If your child requires more than basic first aid you will be notified. We also have a  registered nurse on staff.

How does the Lunch Program work?

Our students receive kid approved ,balanced meals through the Healthy Heart Catering company. Food is delivered fresh daily. A menu will be sent home every month.

Can I send my child with lunch?

Yes, you may send your child to school with lunch. Lunches can not be refrigerated,and or warmed. Please semd a cold lunch  or heated lunch in a thermos..

How many students are in each class?

We like to keep our class size small. Pre School- 15 Students, Pre K- 18 Students Kinderharten- Grade 5- 18-20 Students (2 teachers in Pre School- Kindergarten)

Does TJCCA provide transportation?

At the moment we currently dont provide transportation. We are working on obtaining yellow bus services/metrocards for our students.

What happens if my child fails a class?

Students are encouraged to try their best in everything. Students who fail Math, language Arts &Bible for the year will repeat the grade unless other arrangements are made.

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